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Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers has partnered with Editage and Impact Science to provide specialized English language editing services, translation services, and research promotion services for all authors.
The company publishes over 90 peer-reviewed academic journals, leading trade magazines, including Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), deploys numerous specialized newsletters, and offers corporate capabilities in society membership management, special events, and conferences.
Services We Offer
English Language
Editing Services
Our pre-submission manuscript editing services are curated for busy researchers whose first language is not English. Highly qualified and experienced editors provide subject-relevant editing and formatting support.
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Promotion Services
Our specialized team of communication experts, scientists, and designers will help transform your research into more impactful and simpler content to reach out to a wider audience and increase engagement.
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Translation with
Editing Services
Our translators and editors offer subject-specific expertise and excellent editing skills to ensure that your manuscript conveys every nuance of your research to a global audience.
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English Language Editing Services
Good scientific content deserves clear writing. We have brought together teams with expertise in subject-relevant editing to ensure that manuscripts meet international standards of scientific English and are free of grammatical, spelling, and other common language errors. There are two ways we can help.
Advanced Editing
Final grammar check and proofread for well-organized documents.
Use this service if your paper is well-organized and complete with inputs from all co-authors.
  • Detailed language check
    (grammar, punctuation, spelling, & terminology)
  • Unlimited Q&A with the editor
  • Re-editing support at 60% discount
  • Editing certificate (upon request)
  • Journal-specific formatting
Premium Editing
Publication-focused editing that makes your manuscript ready for initial submission.
Choose this service if you would like the editor to check the language and organization of your paper. The editor will also provide feedback on your writing.
  • Detailed language check
    (grammar, punctuation, spelling, and terminology)
  • Intensive edit for organization
    (rephrasing and restructuring)
  • Customized cover letter
  • Feedback on original writing
  • Editing certificate (upon request)
  • Unlimited free re-edits for 365 days
  • Journal-specific formatting
Premium Editing PLUS
Publication-focused editing that includes post- submission editorial support
Select this service if you need thorough manuscript revisions and guidance on communicating with journal editors after submission
  • Detailed language check
    (grammar, punctuation, spelling, and terminology)
  • Intensive edit for organization
    (rephrasing and restructuring)
  • Customized cover letter
  • Feedback on original writing
  • Editing certificate (upon request)
  • Unlimited free re-edits for 365 days
  • Journal-specific formatting
  • Journal response letter editing
  • Crosschecking of revisions with reviewer comments
Why Choose Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers and Editage
99.9% is not good enough. Our mission is to ensure 100% client satisfaction at every interaction for all our clients.
We promise excellence, expertise, responsiveness, and confidentiality in all our services.
Our team will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with every dimension of our service, be it quality, on-time delivery, or response time. When you come to us for our expert authoring services, if we don’t deliver per your expectations, we won't charge you. No questions asked!


Two-Editor Check

Each document is checked by two language specialists from our global team of editors and reviewers to ensure that we miss nothing.

Native English editors - specialists in your subject area guiding you to publication success
Our Editors
Our unique editor-selection algorithm ensures that your paper is assigned to highly qualified language specialists with expertise in your subject. As it learns your requirements, we are able to offer more tailored services. Our editors are native English speakers, most of whom hold a PhD from top universities across the world. They are all experts in their respective academic fields with an average of 19.4 years’ experience in editing. Most of them are published authors and peer reviewers in their own right as well as members of some of the world’s best editor societies, such as BELS and CSE.
Editor ID: 86625
500+ Papers edited

14 years of editing experience in
  • Cardiology and Vascular Medicine
  • Biomedical Devices and Pediatrics
  • Organ Systems (Gastroenterology, Urology, etc.)
  • Muscle, Bone, and Physical and Sports Medicine
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Reproductive Medicine and OBGYN
Editor ID: 261058
500+ Papers edited

12 years of editing experience in
  • Radiotherapy Planning
  • Cardiology and Vascular Medicine
  • Organ Systems (Gastroenterology, Urology, etc.)
  • Reproductive Medicine and OBGYN
  • Diabetes and Endocrine Research
  • Epidemiology
  • Hematology
Editor ID: 169179
250+ Papers edited

7 years of editing experience in
  • Clinical Oncology
  • Hematology
  • Biochemistry and Structural Biology
  • Systems Biology and Biostatistics
  • Molecular Biology: Embryonic, Cellular, and Evolutionary
  • Microbiology and Immunology
Research Promotion Services
Getting published is no longer enough. Promoting your work so that it is discovered, read, and cited from among increasing amounts of published content is more important now than ever.
Editage Research Promotion Services help you showcase the focal points of your research as easy-to-understand synopses of scientific content in text, graphical, and audio-visual formats. All multimedia content is linked back to the published article so that your work is noticed by the research community, decision makers, and society at large.
Translation with Editing Services
Don’t get lost in translation! Our academic translators and editors offer subject-specific expertise and superior editing skills to ensure that your manuscript accurately conveys every nuance of your research in perfect scientific English to a global audience. Our aim is simple: deliver a manuscript that journal editors, reviewers, and readers find indistinguishable from those written by native English speakers.
We offer subject-specific translation with English editing for the following language pairs:
  • Traditional and Simplified Chinese to English
  • Japanese to English
  • Spanish to English
  • Brazilian Portuguese to English
  • Korean to English
  • Other customized translation pairs are available on request
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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe there is no substitute for subject-matter expertise. That is why we ensure that every document we receive is worked on by an expert with a high level of technical competency in the relevant field of study. Our editorial team includes physicians, PhDs, MDs, postgraduates, engineers, and journal peer reviewers. Over 60% of our editors have extensive research backgrounds. In addition, our editors are provided with training and feedback on a regular basis to help them develop a keen understanding of subject-specific writing conventions, terminology, etc.

Yes, you can access your editing certificate by logging into your online account. The editing certificate verifies that your manuscript has been checked by a professional editor and meets the standard of English required by international journals.

Yes, we do format documents for journal submissions. Request for formatting when submitting your inquiry on the online account and include the URL of the journal you are submitting your article to so that our editors can make sure that your submission fulfils all the formatting requirements of the chosen journal.

We accept a broad range of file types, including MS Word, Acrobat, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, LaTeX, TeX, Rich Text format, and image files.

Under MRE, you can come back to us as many times as you wish to receive a polished final document that suits your exact requirements.

If you choose Premium Editing in the first round, you are eligible for free re-edits under the following conditions:

  • The revised document should be submitted for subsequent rounds within 365 days of the delivery date of the original document.
  • The document for which you are requesting free re-editing support should be the same as that submitted in the first round of editing.
  • The word count of the revised document should not exceed that of the original by more than 20%.
  • In case we notice a sizable portion of new content in your revised document, we may charge an additional fee for those sections.
  • The journal to which you wish to submit the re-edited manuscript should be the same. In case your target journal has changed, a flat fee of $45 will be charged. However, this fee will be waived off if you are being charged for re-editing (as mentioned in the above point).

If you use choose Premium Editing Plus service in the first round and if your paper faces rejection at a target journal, we will format it for free for another journal of your choice. This reformatting support can be availed of unlimited times within the 365-day free re-editing period.

Our translation services include a thorough translation, edit, and review process. Once the document is translated by an experienced translator, the translated document is reviewed by a bilingual expert to check that the author’s original meaning is unchanged.

We guarantee that the quality of English in all documents edited by us will meet the standards required in the international publishing industry. This guarantee applies to every document edited by us, regardless of service, deadline, or fee. If your manuscript receives unfavourable comments from the journal because of the quality of English, we will re-edit your manuscript for free, as long as you had addressed all the editor's notes and comments and not made significant changes to the edited manuscript before submission.

Our Translation Services is quite different from regular translation. Having translators who are active researchers in your area of study ensures that they know the technical language of your field in both English and your native language, guaranteeing the most accurate translation possible. We also include a quality review for every translation in order to provide the most accurate translation of your important research. Moreover, our translation service includes English language editing by native speakers in your field, so you can be assured of the quality of the language in your final paper.

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